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Nestled in a serene location, the Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi is a true gem that offers its guests unforgettable experiences with breathtaking views that will leave them in awe.

Being a tranquil getaway, it provides the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to rejuvenate both mind and body in the company of nature. And if that’s not all, an array of activities awaits the visitors, ranging from exciting water sports to lazy beach lounging.

What’s even better is that this resort provides easy access to Langkawi Island’s natural and architectural wonders, so one need not venture too far to take in all that this destination has to offer. However, the most exciting event is the Neon Under the Water New Year’s Eve Party and this is something you definitely cannot miss. So, don’t wait any longer.

Book your stay now at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi, and experience the unique charm that this island has to offer.

Explore Our Festive Season Offerings


Embrace the Joy of the Festive Season: Our Program and Activities

As the festive season approaches, we are excited to announce a lineup of enchanting events and engaging activities to ensure you have a truly memorable and joyful experience. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the spirit of celebration, creating unforgettable moments and spreading holiday cheer.


Your Flavour Bliss Calendar : taste-tripping around the world

Food and drinks are essential for any festivity. We offer diverse dishes and beverages that cater to our guests’ preferences to make their experience unforgettable. Check our festive food and beverage offerings from Dec 24, 2023, to Jan 2, 2024, which capture the essence of the festivity.

Resort Highlights

Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi is an exclusive enclave offering personalized hospitality in the midst of breathtaking scenic surroundings. 

Wrapped in sweeps of fine sand and turquoise waters, this idyllic island destination is perfect for a romantic getaway or a fun vacation with family and friends.


Where Privacy Meets Comfort Choose from Rebak Island Resort’s range of rooms & suites. Nestled amidst lush gardens, breezy casuarinas, and private stretches of the beach, our rooms allow you to recharge away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Each room is a striking amalgamation of traditional Malaysian architecture, infused with amenities that exude a relaxing aura like no other.


Our magnificent resort is nestled in the heart of the stunning 99-acre Apology Island of Langkawi, offering guests a unique experience like no other. Spanning a vast 390-acres, our lush rainforest is home to an abundance of exotic flora and fauna, making for an unforgettable adventure in nature. And with four serene beaches on the island, guests can enjoy unparalleled tranquility and restorative relaxation amid the postcard-worthy scenery.


Experience an unforgettable holiday at our resort designed for your complete comfort and satisfaction. Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, stunning pools, luxurious spa treatments, on-site shopping, and endless exploration opportunities at the island's marina. Book now for a remarkable holiday.


Escape to Rebak Island for pure relaxation and breathtaking views. Conveniently located near the mainland, our shuttle service runs from 6:00 AM to midnight, making it easy to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Book your trip today and experience the serenity like nowhere else.
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What a beautiful resort, it truly does feel like you're on your own private island. The rooms are huge, with amazing views and great facilities.

Festive Season

Celebrate the holiday season on your own private island, away from the stress of everyday life. Enjoy ultimate relaxation and escapism surrounded by crystal-clear waters and a tranquil environment. Experience a unique and unforgettable celebration unlike anything you’ve had before. Visit our website to discover the endless possibilities of a private island holiday extravaganza.