Flavour of Festivity

Your Flavor Bliss Calendar: A Culinary Expedition across Festive Seasons.

Flavour of Festivity

culinary Expedition Throughout Festive Seasons

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary journey this festive season with our enticing calendar of events. Delight your taste buds with a captivating range of flavors as you embark on a thrilling adventure. Open yourself up to an array of gastronomic experiences and discover the boundless variety of flavours that the world has to offer. Whether you have a preference for bold and spicy or delicate and subtle, our events have something to satisfy every palate. Experience the thrill of our immersive cooking classes, where you can learn from expert chefs and create your own delectable dishes. Our events promise to showcase culinary excellence that will leave a lasting impression, ensuring that your memories are as memorable as the last bite.

Christmas festivities

This festive season, indulge in international flavors from all over the world. From India's spicy dishes to Europe's rich cuisine, there's something for everyone. Try Mexican tanginess or Japanese delicacies. Embark on a journey of fragrant curries, succulent seafood, and sweet and spicy fusions. Discover the world on your plate this holiday season.

Flavour of Festivity - Christmas Eve Dinner at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner

Introducing our latest holiday experience with a delicious traditional buffet & live carving stations. Enjoy a Christmas carol performance and in-house band. We'll take care of everything so you can focus on enjoying the moment with loved ones

24 DECEMBER 2023

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs  

Price at RM150+ (A) RM75+ (C)


Christmas Day Sparkling Lunch​

Celebrate the holiday season with our sparkling festive lunch! Enjoy a delicious holiday-themed menu curated by our talented culinary team. Live entertainment and free-flowing sparkling wine will make for an unforgettable experience. ​

25 DECEMBER 2023

Start from 1200hrs until 1430hrs  

Price at RM120+ (A) RM60+ (C)

Barbecue Dinner at Rebak Island resort & Marina Langkawi

Christmas Barbecue Buffet Dinner

Indulge in a BBQ buffet dinner with sumptuous grilled meats and delectable seafood delicacies. Relax and unwind in a peaceful restaurant atmosphere while savoring every bite. Book now and enjoy a satisfying culinary experience like no other.

25 DECEMBER 2023

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs  

Price at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

02 January 2024, Monday

Asian Cuisine
Cooking Class

Get ready to spice up your Mondays with our Asian cuisine cooking demonstration by the beach! Discover the rich and diverse flavours of Asia as our experienced chefs guide you through the art of cooking authentic dishes. Each session will feature two menus carefully curated to introduce you to the best of Asian cuisine.

Asian Cuisine Cooking Class


DEC 2023,TUE

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

Chinesse Buffet at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi

Indulge in an authentic and satisfying Chinese food experience with a buffet dinner. Experience the rich culinary heritage of China and satisfy your cravings with an exquisite and bountiful spread.


DEC 2023, WED

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

East Meet West Buffet Dinner at Rebak Island resort & marina Langkawi

At our buffet, you can indulge in a vast selection of hot and cold dishes that include savory Asian classics and mouth-watering Western cuisine.


DEC 2023, THU

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

Fisherman Buffet Dinner at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi

Experience a unforgettable beach BBQ dinner with our delectable array of grilled seafood and meat under the starry sky. Enjoy the ultimate gastronomic adventure while lounging by the soothing sounds of the waves crashing nearby.


DEC 2023, FRI

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

Indian Buffet Dinner at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi

Experience the taste of India on our serene private island. Enjoy perfectly balanced spices and herbs in each delectable dish created by our adept chef, while surrounded by swaying palm trees and the scent of exotic spices.


dEC 2023, SAT

Start from 1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

Barbecue Buffet Dinner at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi

Spice up your BBQ with our buffet dinner! Our grilled seafood and meat selection goes beyond hot dogs and burgers. We use fresh ingredients and infuse local and western flavours for a true culinary experience.


New Year's Eve Gala Dinner & Beach party

Neon Under The Water


Celebrate New Year's Eve in style with our all-you-can-eat Gala Dinner, complete with free-flow house pouring, delicious cuisine, lively performance and festive celebrations. Our beautiful venue and expert staff will ensure that every detail is perfect, leaving you free to indulge in a decadent feast and enjoy the company of loved ones. Don't miss this exclusive event and create unforgettable memories this New Year's Eve.

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure? 

Get ready to discover the sensational experience of taste with our scrumptious buffet spread! Indulge in an incredible selection of fresh seafood, hot meals, and overflowing dessert carts that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy! Our house pouring is free-flowing throughout the night, so you can savor your favorite beverages as you enjoy the delectable array of grilled items, local delicacies, and international food offerings. 

Our skilled chefs have crafted a diverse menu that caters to every palate, ensuring that there is something special for everyone to enjoy. 

31 DECEMBER 2023

Time : Start from1930hrs until 0100hrs


You don't want to miss the biggest buffet spread of the entire year

Free Flow

House Pouring Throughout The Night

Live Station

More Than 12 Live Stations


More than 70 types of dishes from all over the world.


JAN 2024, MON

Start from1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

Buffet Dinner at Rebak Island resort & Marina langkawi

Malaysia buffet dinners offer a diverse range of dishes representing the country's cultural heritage, including nasi lemak, satay, rendang, laksa, and curry. This cuisine combines flavors and spices from Chinese, Indian, and Malay food cultures. The ambiance provides a traditional and immersive cultural experience with its colorful decorations and traditional music – a perfect way to experience Malaysian culture and culinary heritage.


JAN 2024, TUE

Start from1930hrs until 2230hrs
Priced at RM100+ (A) RM50+ (C)

International Buffet Dinner at Rebak Island Resort & Marina Langkawi

An international buffet dinner offers a broad selection of cuisine from around the world, including appetizers, main courses, salads, and desserts. These buffets feature authentic ingredients and spices, offering a unique and flavorful experience. Perfect for varying tastes and dietary needs, an international buffet is a great way to explore the world through food, whether for a special occasion or a casual dinner.

Festive Season

Celebrate the holiday season on your own private island, away from the stress of everyday life. Enjoy ultimate relaxation and escapism surrounded by crystal-clear waters and a tranquil environment. Experience a unique and unforgettable celebration unlike anything you’ve had before. Visit our website to discover the endless possibilities of a private island holiday extravaganza.