LANGKAWI, 15 JULY 2022 – Wild, mysterious, yet relaxing – In the middle of the rainforest on Rebak Island, Langkawi lies a bed of red rocks on sandy sands off The Andaman Sea shores. These beds are reddish mudstone containing ancient fossils as far back as 300 million years ago. A historic evidence of South East Asia’s geological formation over the many centuries of human civilization.

Red rock, golden sandy beaches, and a combination of blues and greens mesmerizes one into a trance mode, standing still as time passes by the minutes and hours. This immersion into nature encapsulates you to live in the moment as a statue amongst nature. And adding to this, are the roaring waves and the breeze of the wind simulating your childhood days for when you first took your first ride at an amusement park.

Located on Rebak Island’s coastline, every sailor from the Malacca Straits will witness this Red Rock Beach first hand as they sail towards the main island of Langkawi. Owning to the privacy of this exclusive island and it’s accessibility, this part of the island remains remote with only a handful of visitors.

To discover this nature treasure on Rebak Island, the property has engaged experienced guides to lead you. The journey is approximately 45 minutes per way on an adventurous hike. Along the trek, one will witness the earthy beauty; pristine, clean ground spread populated by pitcher plants and; green hills, lush trees and tall grasslands. Post navigating a few steep climbs, the rewarding end shall be the enchanting sight of the ocean canvas meeting the sky.

The Untold Story of Red Beach

The scenery of an island stretching from one end to the other is captivating for the eyes! Camouflaged by the high tide of the shoreline lies a natural cave, formed by the sea water erosion during the Jurassic period when dinosaurs once roamed this land.

The cave is accessible during lower tide. One will be in awe to find piles of marine pollution garbage carried by the sea and dumped here, primarily water bottles, plastic bags, derelict fishing gear, food wrappers, slippers, etc.
It is a common practice for resort team members to clean this iconic beach on a regular basis. As quoted by Hafiz Hashim, the island’s resort manager, “This is the very first time in my life that I’ve seen such a huge pile of debris!”

In commemoration for ‘World Ocean Day on 08 June 2022’, the resort has pledged to clean this beach every Saturday. All guests and yachties from Rebak Marina are invited to join the management team.

Added Hafiz ‘On a fortunate week, our team members will carry the waste with their bare hands across the hill. And on selected situation, we must call upon and utilize our boat to transport the rubble back to the resort for disposal.”

‘Many have never heard of this sanctuary. And no matter how much we try to protect, it will always be a threat from climate change and human activities. We cannot stop for what the ocean carries in daily, but we certainly can help to minimize the destruction. Ended Hafiz ‘Together, we can make a difference and do our part to protect and sustain the future of our beautiful planet’.