Because There’s So Much More To Do!

Rebak Island Resort offers multiple activities and adventures that take your private island experience up a notch. After all, a holiday is about building memories!

Choose your favourite activity and book a time slot in advance for easy facilitation.

Moon Deck

The Moon Deck Is The Most Romantic Spot On The Island And, We Would Like To Think, In The World. The Deck Comes With Bespoke Menus, Select Wines, Personal Service Staff – Who Are Present Only When Needed – And A Serenading Crew.

Be Warned, The Moon Deck Can Be Seductive, It May Make You Want To Pop The Question… Even If You Didn’t Plan On It. Ideal For Never Ending I Dos.

Alternative Dining Experiences

A 390-acre Private Island with Unique Nooks & Corners To Dine, On The Freshest Catch.

And that can be almost anywhere from The Straits Grill Sea Side, The Lepak Bar, The Crystal Beach or On A Yacht at our marina.

The Sunset Cruise

Watching The Sun Disappear Into The Andaman Sea Up Close And Personal Is A Stunning Experience.

Set Sail On A Private Yacht With Jacuzzi Cabanas On The High Seas; A Spectacular Event That Will Stay With You.

Jungle Trails

The Island Is Teeming With All Sorts Of Creatures. This Is One Of The Must-dos. Set Out On An Informal Nature Trail To Capture (with A Lens, Of Course) The Spectacled Langur Or may be An Oak Blue Butterfly.

There Is Also An Amazing Variety Of Flora To See. Our Rainforest Insider And Naturalist Will Take You On A Morning Walk To Introduce You To Your Neighbours.

Mangrove Tour And Stingray

If You’ve Always Wanted To Feed Stingrays While Gazing At Ancient Mangroves On The River, Then This Is for you. Guided Tours Are Available For The Morning Sessions Only.

Batik Lessons

Malay Batik Is A Famous Art Form That Requires A Certain Amount Of Skill. Thankfully, It Is Also Highly Addictive And So The Skill Eventually Comes To You.

The Famed Atma Alam Batik Art Village, educates you with Private Tutorials.

Moon Deck

Stand gazing at panoramic views of the ocean and watch the waves play symphony around the deck. Our guests agree that this is perhaps the most romantic spot on the island, though we would like to think, in the world. 

Be warned, the moon deck can be seductive. It may want you to pop the question…even if you didn’t plan on it. Ideal for never-ending I do’s.

Bookings on the deck are accompanied by bespoke menus, select wines, personal service staff (present only when needed), and a serenading crew.

ATV Tour

This tour weaves together fun and adventurous trails all within the tropical rainforest, beach and coastal path of this extraordinary Rebak Island. Get up-close access to the Telaga Kriang and enjoy a long stretch of sand on Long Beach.

Book in advance, to enjoy an introductory 10% discount offer from RM180.00. This offer is also available as an add-on when you purchase any room package on this website or contact us to obtain this offer.

Alternative Dining Experiences

Choose your favourite settings around our 390-acre private island and let us put up a private dining experience for you. 

The tropical scenery on the private island offers unique nooks and corners for dinner and conversations. And that can be almost everywhere- from the lawns to the Marina boardwalk or on a yacht. Or even your favourite place on the beach!

Let our chefs prepare your favourite delicacies or simply sit back and soak in the flavours of the fresh catch of the day!

The Sunset Cruise

There is nothing more mystical than watching the sunset creating a crimson-gold aura over the ocean. And watching the sun disappear into the Andaman Sea up close and personal is a stunning experience you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Book a private yacht with Jacuzzi Cabanas on the high seas and simply set sail for a spectacular event that will stay with you!

Jungle Trails

Experience the tropical beauty of the island up close! The island is teeming with bountiful flora and fauna. Set out on an informal jungle trail and watch nature in all its grandeur. 

From the Spectacled Langur to the Oak Blue Butterfly- there is just so much to capture on the lens. And don’t forget to get a close look at the variety of flora native to the rainforest. 

Book a tour and our expert naturalist/guide will take you on a morning walk to introduce you to your beautiful neighbours in the jungle!

Mangrove Tour And Stingrays

If you’ve fancied feeding stingrays while gazing at ancient mangroves on the river, here’s your chance to live the dream. This guided tour (available for morning sessions only) is one you wouldn’t want to miss!

Batik Lessons

Take a part of Malaysian culture with you. Experience this beautiful cultural activity of textile art and craft. 

Malay Batik is a famous art form that requires a certain amount of skill. Thankfully, it is so addictive that you wouldn’t mind being a beginner while you’re here. 

Book a tour/private tutorials at the famed Atma Alam Batik Art Village for more education.