Mind, Body And Soul

This is where energy and tranquillity unite. Our spa experiences facilitate profound relaxation of the body as well as the mind. Sit back and let our trained masseurs and therapists restore your energies like never before!

Recommended Therapies

Mayang Signature Therapy

This signature spa experience indulges you with a relaxing herbal sauna session, followed by a wrap, scrub and your choice of Malay/Aroma/Balinese massage, a head oil massage, back massage, foot relaxation techniques plus a reflexology and beauty treatment.

Complete Body Scrub

Expound on the process of exfoliation. This is an essential spa technique that clears the skin’s surface of dirt, oil residue and the uppermost layer of dead cells. Enjoy this relaxing yet invigorating experience of complete body scrub that leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and supple. 

Let your skin feel the vacation vibes too!

Body Wrap

Also called “Body Mask” or “Body Cocoon” treatment, this technique involves the use of detoxifying elements to help the body get rid of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation.

Get ready to meet a new “You”!